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Do you want to close your gender gap?

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Our mission is to contribute to the removal of gender barriers to business success. Afterall study after study shows organisations that have reasonable levels of gender diversity at all levels and across all functions outperform those that don’t (McKinsey research).

We work with employers of all sizes across the UK.

Ways in Which We Can Work With You

CMTalent help you to attract, retain and develop gender-diverse teams. We bring leading-edge thinking to employers through cost-effective, practical and workable solutions.

CMTalent are here to help you eliminate the barriers that hold women back from progressing in their careers, equip you to attract, retain and develop the best talent and reap the business benefits from improved gender diversity – whether you are a large corporate or small enterprise. Having diverse teams is a baseline feature of leading organisations.

Closing the gender pay gap will add £150 bn to the UK economy by 2025 (McKinsey research). Reducing the gender pay gap involves creating more diverse organisations where there is a reasonable and equitable balance of women in senior leadership roles as well as across every function.

The gap won’t close by applying band-aids or simply ignoring it.

Increasingly suppliers, investors, potential hires and other interested parties are looking at your people strategies and specifically diversity mix to make decisions. Your competitors are also learning that diversity gives a competitive advantage. Don’t get left behind.

And this applies to smaller firms too.

The CMTalent team have a deep understanding of the complexities that hold women back from realising their potential in the workplace and what organisations can do to embrace more inclusive ways of working where your teams better represent your customer base. With a focus on creating more gender neutral organisations and getting, keeping and promoting the best talent available from the broadest sources.

Sally Dhillon and Nishi Mehta the co-founders of CMtalent have a combined work experience of over 50 years in HR, training and coaching in a wide variety of organisational settings – we use this experience to bring you cost-effective, workable employment solutions tailored to your organisation.

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If you are looking for ways to relaunch your career see our support for individuals at our Career-Mums CIC website.

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Sally & Nishi have delivered numerous workshops to our working parents, all were really well received with the participants welcoming the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the barriers and challenges when working and bring up a family. They delivered the workshops in a friendly and relaxed manner, giving attendees a really positive experience. Their workshops are now being extended to our working carers community.

Sandra Beaufoy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, University of Warwick
The Developing Women Leaders workshop was very informative, very well facilitated and thought provoking. I recommend for all those aspiring for top leadership positions and for those working with women leaders.


Executive Coach
100% of attendees have found the workshops highly informative and valuable. 100% will recommend to colleagues preparing for maternity and paternity leave.

In-house parental transition workshops

On-line Retailer
Our Women in Engineering network would not have got off the ground without your input, enthusiasm and support – you have guided us well in its design as well as contributing to our regular events. It’s starting to have an impact on our business and led us to review a lot of our people practices.

HR Director

Engineering company