We Champion Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing In The Workplace

Our Values

Our philosophy is simple

We want to help employers attract, retain and develop more balanced, diverse and inclusive teams. We also want to champion the importance of employee wellbeing and demonstrate how this directly links to staff motivation, productivity and happiness.

Our team have extensive knowledge and expertise, and a real passion for making a difference and getting results. We take a personalised approach, getting to know your business and applying our services in a way that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Openness & honesty
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Nishi Mehta

At CM Talent, we’re on a mission to share the immense benefits of diversity, inclusion and mental wellbeing with all corporations and organisations. My background in recruitment and training, combined with my teams expertise in gender, race, the LGBTQAI+ community and mental health means that CM Talent is able to deliver, unique, bespoke programmes that have a lasting impact.

Outside of CM Talent, I’m actively involved in raising awareness about diversity and inclusion. I’m a member of ITV Central’s Diversity & Inclusion panel, Regional Policy Lead for the Federation of Small Businesses and a conference keynote speaker. I’ve made appearances as a guest speaker on ITV News, BBC Radio and other media platforms covering gender and race features.

My motivation for founding CM Talent stems from personal experience. Following my own career break, I realised that many women, especially women of colour, experience different challenges when they enter and progress in the workplace. Gaps in knowledge regarding diversity, inclusion and wellbeing mean that employers can accidentally miss out on getting the best out of their team. It also means that some team members can struggle to access opportunities.

Yet, if we give individuals the tools to succeed and show organisations how to create a more inclusive workplace, everybody profits.

Our story

Where we started

CM Talent was founded by Nishi Mehta and Sally Dhillon in 2017. Inspired by their initial venture Career Mums, which continues to support women in their return to work, Nishi and Sally redirected their expertise to build various programmes that assist corporations with diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Nishi’s knowledge of race, gender, and wellbeing is the foundation of CM Talent’s extensive diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing programmes. Nishi has grown CM Talent into a strong team of professionals supporting clients across the globe. Sally remains dedicated to their social enterprise Career Mums.

To CM Talent diversity, inclusion and wellbeing are more than just a tick box exercise. It’s about giving everyone an equal chance to contribute and be successful

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