About Us

Our Mission is to contribute to the removal of gender barriers to business and career success

We’re passionate about helping employers attract, retain and develop more gender-diverse teams.

We’re contributing to the removal of the gender barriers to business and career success:

*  helping individuals reach their potential and have families that thrive *

*  helping organisations to make the most of their available talent *

Here’s our story

CM Talent grew out of our original business, Career-Mums, set up in 2016 to support women to return to work after having a career break. Set up by neighbours, Sally Dhillon and Nishi Mehta, who met and soon realised they had lots in common. Both were recruitment/HR professionals, qualified coaches and were on a career break. Feeling like they’d lost their work identities, lacked confidence and unsure of their future working potential, they concluded if they felt like this, others must do too…and so they set out to do something about it, initially creating confidence-boosting Return to Work workshops for local mums.

They quickly realised that there was more that employers could do to better support working parents, reduce the maternity penalty and support the development of more women leaders. This was at a time when there was growing evidence about the business benefits of diverse teams, shared parental leave was being introduced and gender pay gap reporting planned.

Recognising the importance of their work supporting employers, Sally and Nishi took a decision in early 2018 to separate the business, creating CMTalent for servicing employers with cost-effective, workable employment solutions and retaining Career-Mums to continue to support parents relaunching their careers through a Community Interest Company. They run an active on-line community, the Career-Mums Club, for working parents and those on parent-related leave or an extended career break.

Sally Dhillon

Sally Dhillon, CM Talent
We want to see more women in leadership positions, making a difference in the world.   We understand the complexities of the maternity penalty and why there is a gender leadership and pay gap.  We want to make it easier for parents to manage having a career along with family responsibilities that doesn’t hold them back from achieving their leadership potential.

Highly experienced in coaching, training and facilitating, I’m passionate about making a difference in the world today by bringing about greater gender balance and enhanced career choice for women.

I’ve worked with lots of different organisations – small, medium and large – having had a 16 year corporate HR background and operating as an independent consultant for over 12 years.

During my career, I’ve had two significant breaks from work to raise my two daughters, so know only too well the impact of the maternity penalty, but equally know that it is possible to make a full comeback and there are many professional opportunities to be had following a career break.

My work is heavily influenced by NLP, Transactional Analysis and Neuroscience. I’m a certified Brain-Friendly Trainer, have a Masters degree in Human Resources Management and am licensed to use various psychometric tests. I’m also impacted by my experiences of being a parent.  Whilst I was on a career break, I had the privilege of being trained in Neuro-Physiological Psychotherapy by Family Futures and supported many families with highly complex needs.

My career has come full-circle and I’m now embracing my HR routes currently holding the position as Vice-Chair of Coventry & Warwickshire CIPD branch and leading a campaign on #goodwork in our region.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, improving my saxophone playing skills, travelling and catching up with friends.

Sally is an inspirational speaker, having spoken at various regional Women in Business events, conferences and internal networks in addition to being a panel member. To book Sally as a speaker at your next event contact us now.

Nishi Mehta

Nishi Mehta CM Talent
We‘ve both taken time out of our careers to care for our young children. We love being parents and also know how important it is to do a job that we feel passionately about.

As a Personal Performance Coach and the co-founder of Career-Mums, I bring a blend of experience in coaching, recruitment training and management.

I have a BA Hons in Social Sciences and am qualified to carry out DISC psychometric tests. I’ve worked extensively with both the private and public sector, and have founded and run my own life coaching business – Imagine Coaching.

After 15 years of working, I took a career break to spend more time with my two children. As such, I’m able to not only understand but also emphasise with the challenges and pressures women face, in particular the lack of confidence and the thought of ‘how to’ relaunch a career. My personal experience of this is my motivation for coaching women to develop their careers around family life and to re-discover their values and purpose.


Our values are the cornerstone of our business. In whichever way you engage with CM Talent, we hope that you will also value these things about us:

Openness and honesty

Professional integrity

Friendly and approachable

Learning and improving

The philosophy behind our decision to set up CM Talent is simple. We dream of a time when:

Employers see the opportunity of employing a rich and diverse workforce – taking into account the community and societal roles that we each have, caring and supporting others at different stages of our working life.

Creating flexible work patterns and using technology and management practices to support employees to be productive and engaged throughout their tenure.

Women are represented equally at all levels and all functions throughout an organisation – without career choices, recruitment decisions and remuneration made on the basis of gender, whether consciously or otherwise.

It is acceptable, and positively encouraged, for new parents to take time out of their careers to raise their babies and young children – knowing that their careers are on hold and can be re-started at a time to suit.

Having secure, happy and healthy children is compatible with having a successful career, regardless of gender.

Caring for dependents – children, sick or elderly – and managing our domestic environments is shared equally across the gender divide.

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