We help you attract experienced and diverse talent

Inclusive approach

Approaching all aspects of recruitment with a D&I lens is vital to bringing in a more diverse workforce and providing a more inclusive working environment. Inclusivity principles can be applied to all stages of the process including job design, job descriptions and adverts, interviewing, selection, onboarding and much more.

We can guide you through each of these stages, pinpointing the exact areas that need to be improved and working with you to set out a path to inclusive hiring success.

Our 3 step approach is simple


Complete our online diagnostic tool that assesses your recruitment process to identify where addressing diversity and inclusion could make a measurable difference.


Gain access to your bespoke report containing a wealth of resources, information and plans to help you make the transition to a more diverse and inclusive recruitment process.


Explore the next steps. Your report should have everything you need to start your diversity and inclusion journey and we are here to help if you need additional support and guidance!

Research shows having a more inclusive and diverse workforce can bring many benefits

Fresh perspectives
Increased creativity
Improved productivity
Better problem solving
Innovative thinking
Boosted morale


We offer a wide range of services to support your internal people and talent processes. Whether you need some advice on a specific area or you want to review and re-focus your whole organisational approach we can help.


Streamline your recruitment process to attract and retain diverse talent

Devise on-boarding programmes to suit your inclusion needs

Assess and improve structural diversity and inclusion in your organisation


Projects and Events

Recognising that every business is different, we can also work with you on bespoke projects and events that will help you to attract a more diverse workforce and create a culture that promotes inclusion and wellbeing.

Nishi from CM Talent recently hosted two events for AEG’s Learning at Work Week. The first focused on how working parents balance the various and huge demands on their time and the second looked at how parents can ‘shine at work, (despite the kids)’. We were delighted with the expertise that Nishi was able to bring to these events, they were well planned and packed with thought provoking questions that helped drive the conversation forward both within the sessions and subsequently beyond them. Bringing these topics to the fore in the working environment, now more than ever, is so important to support working parents and carers and we were delighted to support these topics within AEG.”
Georgina Iceton

Senior Director, International Partnerships at AEG