Our speciality is helping you attract experienced talent.

There is hidden talent not currently engaged in the workforce – people that have, taken a career break, for different reasons, such as parenting, caring for elderly and sick relatives, illness, travelling, education. These people have experience, qualifications and most want to return to meaningful work. They will bring maturity and invaluable life experience whilst being keen to learn new skills, get to know your business and do a great job.

We can help you access this talent pool by:

Advertise to our Career-Mums community

We are happy to advertise your vacancies on our Career-Mums Website and share with our Career-Mums Club community as long as your advert complies with our guidelines.

One vacancy package starts at £25 per week and includes:
Posting on, inclusion in our weekly email to Career-Mums community, sharing in the Career-Mums Club Facebook group & shared daily on Twitter

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss your advertising requirements and find out more about our multiple vacancy packages.

Supported Hiring for difficult to fill positions

For particularly difficult to fill roles, we recommend a different approach to traditional recruitment for filling your vacancies, by providing supported hires. We will source candidates that meet some, but not all, of your requirements. We then provide your new hires with coaching support as well as supporting the line manager in the initial few weeks of the new starter joining. During this period of adjustment, we provide the glue to mould the two parties together to fill your talent gap.

The charge for this service reflects a fixed fee charge plus coaching support based on your needs.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss your recruitment needs.

Returnships are an increasingly popular way for employers to encourage parents and carers back into the workforce following a career break. This will help to strengthen your talent pipeline and attract experience and maturity to your organisation, whilst helping you to create a healthy gender balance.

Based on the internship model, returnships offer you the opportunity to try out experienced and talented career returners on a trial period basis, the individuals receive tailored coaching and training to support their return to work with a view to being offered a permanent and substantial role at the end of the programme.

We can work with you from conception to design and develop a new bespoke programme or to support your existing returnship programme.

Our service includes:

Returnship programme design

Sourcing candidates via a high profile, PR-friendly recruitment campaign

Project management of the programme

Regular coaching support for hires from on-boarding until the end of the programme.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss returnship programme for your organisation

Unconscious bias training is important for all managers and leaders involved in making people decisions. CMTalent training is delivered face-to-face to groups of senior leaders and line managers using memorable and insightful training techniques.

Our unconscious bias training is not another tick-box exercise, but designed to raise personal awareness, link to everyday decision-making and lead to actions being implemented to reduce bias in people decisions.

A typical training session lasts 2.5 hours or can be combined with other training needs or lead on to a facilitated action-focused day to implement changes to current operational practices

Unconscious bias training underpins all smart decision-making for creating successful and inclusive businesses. It’s not the whole answer, but it provides great foundations.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss unconscious bias training.

Enabling Workforce Agility

Call it smart working, agile working, flexible working … most organisations are moving away from traditional working hours because their business model doesn’t fit into the 9am – 5pm operating hours of yesteryear – so why do we still recruit and expect our employees to work on this basis?

Our consultancy can be as simple as creating a flexible working policy through to creating bespoke staffing guidelines, workable operating plans, job design guidance, people policies and implementation plans to support your business to work smarter, improve engagement with your workforce and support flexible ways of working. We will always begin with getting to know your business to ensure that our solution will be workable and cost-effective for you.

Business success comes down to how agile your business can be – how quickly it can respond to new customers, new projects and new opportunities. CMTalent can support you in creating an agile workforce, developing flexible ways of working which work for your business and your employees.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss how we can support you to move to smarter and more flexible ways of working

We’d be happy to talk to you about any ad hoc projects related to attracting and recruiting great talent:

  • Recruiting women returners
  • Becoming more attractive to working parents
  • Implementing actions from gender pay gap reports
  • Creatively building your leadership talent pipeline
  • Supporting industry-wide initiatives
  • Supporting regional initiatives in the West Midlands/Coventry & Warwickshire region
  • Collaborating with professional bodies
  • Sitting on panels.

Our mission is to contribute to the removal of gender barriers to career and business success – we can’t do this alone and we’re happy to share in our collective journey towards it happening in your organisation, your profession, your sector and for the UK.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss any collaboration or project opportunities.