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Here’s a case study of a recent project we completed for a construction company to support new parents returning to work.

The Brief

Our client is a leading UK construction and regeneration group. They are passionate about developing and retaining talented individuals. 23% of their workforce are women – higher than the sector’s average – but they are aware that women are underrepresented especially in senior roles and they want to proactively reduce their gender pay gap.

We were approached by the HR Business Manager to provide a low-cost solution to helping them retain their new parents.

The company had already established a ‘parental buddy scheme’ matching new parents with parents who have had leave over the last two years. The training for the scheme has been successful however they recognised that the on-going training to support and train buddies was costly, involving significant time and resources given the geographical spread of the workforce.

The Solution

We proposed the introduction of on-line training for the buddies participating in the ‘Parental Buddy Scheme’ to sit on their internal on-line training platform via a two-part webinar-based training programme.

The training sessions were designed to enable the buddies to provide high quality information, guidance and support for employees who are preparing, taking or returning from parent-related leave. Content was focused on the skills and mindset needed to be a great buddy as well as the how the buddy scheme works.

To ensure the training is engaging and effective we developed high quality visual and interactive slides with the content broken down into easily digestible chunks.  The content can be accessed as many times as required.


construction company case study

Tailoring the Solution for the Client

Due to challenges of the geographically dispersed workforce and the focus on providing a low-cost solution, putting the training online was an ideal way for buddies to gain the key information to participate in the programme and confidently start their buddying experience.  The company now have an evergreen resource that is inclusive for all to use.

The programme can be accessed by unlimited users and is available remotely.  The costs of delivering training for new buddies has been significantly reduced.

Rolling-out the Solution

To launch the service, we:

·      developed the brief and content of the training programme gaining agreement from the client

·      created all materials, case studies, video and slides to enhance the learning experience

·      ensured the programme was designed to have longevity for the foreseeable future

·      recorded the training programmes on-site liaising with the IT team

·      branded the programme with the company’s logo as commissioners of the programme.


How can we help you?

CM Talent are Midlands-based experts in gender diversity.  We offer a range of services to help employers attract, retain and develop gender-diverse teams to benefit your business.

This case study is an example of how we have worked with a large employer with a specific need to focus on retention.  Supporting employees at times of significant life events, such as becoming a new parent, can make all the difference to enabling a smooth return to work and career continuation.

Talk to us about how we can help you support your:

·      parents-to-be

·      working parents and carers

·      line managers.

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