We need more women leaders.

More women to step up and take leadership roles, fill gender-diverse boards and populate the talent pipeline below for the future.

Leadership development initiatives in most organisations support the development of men to the top positions, sustaining the gender leadership gap. Taking a fresh approach, backed by research and evidence, CMTalent provide a range of services to support the development of more women leaders:

Our popular Developing Women Leaders workshop is run on a regular basis as an open-event or can be run in-house.
The purpose of the one-day workshop is to educate and raise awareness of the need to think differently about how we support and develop women leaders.

The workshop covers:

The importance of developing more women leaders

Creating the conditions for women to flourish in their careers

Barriers to more women stepping forward as leaders and ways to address them

Our leadership model and how it can be used to develop more leaders

The workshop is aimed at those involved in leading, managing, supporting, mentoring, coaching and/or networking with women.

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Supporting and creating the conditions for leadership careers to flourish can be challenging for many organisations.

Talent management and career development initiatives and processes can benefit from external input and expertise.

We can support you in your talent management and career development efforts, such as:

Helping you establish workable talent solutions to meet your longer-term business plan

Advising on specific challenges

Creating a talent management review process

Facilitating career development and succession planning discussions

Speaking at conferences and events about career development and developing more women leaders

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Developing leaders is a business critical need for the longevity of your organisation. Filling your talent pipeline, creating a bench of prepared and ready experienced talent all takes effort and investment.  Ensure you have leaders with high quality skills and experience ready and supported for their next leadership challenge through 1:1 leadership coaching support at different levels of their career:

Aspiring Leaders

Coaching support for your aspiring leaders, using our leadership model.

Focused on understanding and developing their strengths, overcoming any specific barriers to progression, long term career planning and goal setting and developing their communication and influencing skills as well as business acumen.

Our standard Aspiring Leaders programme consists of 6 x coaching sessions.


Trailblazing Leaders

Coaching support for leaders wanting to make a positive difference, using our leadership model.

Focused on taking ideas and opportunities for leading change from conception to  delivery by understanding and developing their purpose and values, overcoming any specific personal barriers that may hamper progress and harnessing their authenticity and personal impact to lead transformative change.

Our standard Trailblazing Leaders programme consists of 6 x coaching sessions.


Executive Development

Executive coaching for your experienced talent, using our leadership model.

Focused on supporting the executive in their current role and/or preparation for their next move, providing a sounding board and a safe place to reflect and overcome any barriers to success, building executive presence, leadership strength and resilience.

Our standard Executive coaching programme consists of 6 x coaching sessions.

We can also support you in creating your own in-house leadership development programmes, using blended learning, supported by our coaching service.

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Visit our Career-Mums Website if you would benefit from career development coaching and are self-funding on a restricted budget.

Mentoring is often used as a tool to compliment the development of leaders.

The benefits of mentoring are gaining invaluable insight, advice, guidance and sponsorship from a more experienced leader or expert.  Mentoring can be used in various ways to support the development of more women leaders.

We can offer the following support:

Train your in-house mentors to specifically support the development of more women leaders

Establish an in-house or industry-wide mentoring programme for your aspiring leaders

Create a reverse-mentoring programme for your senior leaders to gain greater insight from your aspiring leaders

Be your mentor, using our extensive experience

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Many organisations, professions and industries have created networks to support the development of female talent. These are helpful in giving aspiring leaders inspiring and positive role models, careers guidance, development opportunities and the opportunity to network and build supportive relationships whilst the gender gap is addressed.

We can help you create your own in-house network or collaborate with you in establishing a professional or industry-wide network.

You can book us to speak at an upcoming event.

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