Many employers experience retention issues around the time of parenthood when work & career values and family values find it difficult to co-exist. Often referred to as the maternity penalty, this is generally seen as the biggest reason why there are so few women in senior leadership positions.

However, traditional career paths are being overturned, parenting is viewed more as a joint parenting experience, not solely the role of the mother, and taking time out of work is no longer being seen as the nail in the coffin for career progression. And there is more awareness of maternal and paternal mental health.

Successfully managing transitions from and to work around periods of maternity, paternity, shared parental, adoption and care leave can be challenging especially when your employee may be feeling vulnerable and seemingly has opposing priorities.

Providing additional support at these times can substantially aid retention, keeping experience, skill and potential in your organisation.

Additionally, line managers generally feel ill-equipped to manage parent-related leave with a recent report by EHRC claiming that 4 in 5 women felt discriminated against by their employer whilst pregnant or on maternity leave. The uptake of shared parental leave is low … but we’re moving towards creating a level playing field for all parents.

CMTalent provide a range of services to help you support new working parents in their careers. We can help you become a truly family-friendly employer and help you reap the benefits of a loyal, engaged and motivated team, through this comprehensive range of services:

Choose from 3 levels of support for employees taking maternity, paternity or Adoption leave

PREMIUM: 6 personal coaching sessions with a dedicated coach offering regular contact, support and follow-up through their leave journey. Complimentary ebooks and additional resources.

STANDARD: 3 personal coaching sessions (or group webinars) with a dedicated coach plus unlimited access to our online Family Care Leave programme.

ESSENTIAL: unlimited access to our comprehensive online Family Care Leave programme supporting individuals through 7 steps on their Leave journey with videos, ebooks and additional, useful resources. Discounts are available for multiple, advanced purchases. Read here for more details.

Each level of our Family Care Leave support has been carefully designed to enable smooth transitions at the start and end of leave, contribute to retention and career development, create the foundations for thriving as a working parent and demonstrate your commitment as an inclusive, family-friendly employer.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss our family care leave support options and the best fit for your budget and requirements.

Visit our Career-Mums Website if you would benefit from parental transition coaching and are self-funding.

If you are looking to enhance your maternity and paternity leave provisions and better support new parents and working parents in your organisation, we’d be delighted to help you develop your people policies, practices and benefits that go beyond the statutory minimums.

Firstly we will get to know your business and outcomes. Then we can provide:

  • Up-to-date research and analysis of best-in-class provision
  • Facilitate focus groups
  • Draft new policy provisions
  • Develop communication and implementation plans.

We value working with organisations who see the benefits of better supporting working parents for the longer term impact on the talent pipeline, improved retention, impact on business success and the wider societal benefits. We can partner with you to help these become a reality.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss policy development requirements.

Most line managers feel ill-equipped or out of their depth in handling conversations around maternity and paternity leave, especially if there are any complications. This leads to employees feeling unsupported at what can be a vulnerable time.

We can support your line managers in 2 ways:

  • Training Sessions: focused on raising awareness of both your policy and how to communicate positively with an employee taking any type of parental leave.
  • Individual support: a 30 minute call with a line manager to support them during a specific case, followed by an email summarising the points of the call. This saves valuable HR time whilst providing expert guidance in line with your policies.

Both these support services are beneficial supplements to our parental transition coaching service (link to Parental Transition Coaching)

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss support for line managers.

Employees becoming new parents but not taking extended leave need to go through a quick period of adjustment to their new role and responsibility.

To minimise the impact on their job performance and to provide a valuable benefit, we provide short (1 – 2 hours) workshops for new parents. Not only do they build awareness and provide a platform to reflect and review the transition, they assist with building a support network in the work environment.

Topics included in our new parents’ workshops include supporting your partner, adjusting to your new role, reviewing career ambitions, being a working parent.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss new parents’ workshops.

There are times when employees struggle with their work and parenting responsibilities, often represented as overwhelm, poor mental health and stressed.

We are not always aware of what are employees are dealing with outside of work whether it be dealing with the loss of a loved one, relationship breakdown, parenting challenges, accepting health diagnosis, caring for elderly or sick relatives. Usually this situation is temporary but it can have an impact on job performance and judgement.

We provide a Working Parents coaching service to support individuals at particularly challenging times. This can be sold as an employee benefit or provided for those emergency situations. Having a confidential, compassionate third-party to talk to and receive support from can be extremely helpful and help the employee adjust, accept and work through their situation.

A typical Working Parents coaching programme consists of 3 x 1hr coaching sessions.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss working parents coaching

Visit Career-Mums Website for details of working parents coaching for self-funding individuals.

Increasingly employees are looking for more flexibility from their employers. This may be around making childcare arrangements work for them as well as supporting healthy family lifestyles.

Offering flexibility is seen as a key retention tool – whether this is around hours of work, place of work, travel policies, reduced hours working, career breaks, homeworking and so on. We now have the technology to introduce much more flexibility to our working lives – is your organisation embracing it? Or still expecting your employees to only work full-time plus additional hours to get the job done. Is presenteeism impacting on your business?

Our consultancy can be as simple as creating a flexible working policy through to creating bespoke staffing guidelines, workable operating plans, job design guidance, people policies and implementation plans to support your business to work smarter, improve engagement with your workforce and support flexible ways of working. We will always begin with getting to know your business to ensure that our solution will be workable and cost-effective for you.

Business success comes down to how agile your business can be – how quickly it can respond to new customers, new projects and new opportunities. CMTalent can support you in creating an agile workforce, developing flexible ways of working which work for your business and your employees.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss how we can support you to move to smarter and more flexible ways of working.

For larger employers, affinity groups have proven to support a more inclusive culture across the organisation.

Fostering a sense of belonging and developing a network of colleagues who are going through a similar life stage and experiencing similar opportunities and challenging can be hugely beneficial to employee engagement.

We can attend your existing networks as a guest speaker, take over the facilitation of regular working parents and carers group sessions on your behalf or set up new groups for you.

Contact the CMTalent team now to discuss how we can support your working parents & carers.