Demonstrate your commitment as an inclusive employer

Why Is Retention Important?

At CM Talent we’re not simply focused on helping corporations gain diverse talent. We go one step further and ensure corporations retain their diverse talent. Our retention programmes create solid, inclusive foundations that build on introductory diversity and inclusion training and support staff throughout their careers to feel valued. What’s more, CM Talent’s retention programmes make sure that corporations get the most out of their team in the long run.

How our training and support programmes help you

Support working parents

Learn how best to support new working parents during their leave

Equip your managers

Ensure managers are well equipped to deal with parent and care-related leave

Manage leave transitions

Understand how to better manage leave transitions to and from work

Improve staff retention

Improve both staff retention and career development

Develop internal support

Create internal support networks to benefit staff

Employee network groups

We specialise in creating internal employee networks focusing on gender, race, parents and carers, as well as mental health and emotional wellbeing. Establishing groups like this in your workplace validates staff and generates a sense of belonging which is beneficial to employee engagement and wellbeing.

CM Talent provides a wide variety of learning topics that can be tailored to your organisations specific diversity and inclusion needs.

We provide a wide variety of learning topics and can also create bespoke sessions.


  • Group creation
  • Group facilitation
  • D&I workshops/ wellbeing workshops/li>
  • D&I learning topics/ wellbeing topics including resilience and stress management

Benefits to your staff

  • Safe space to share issues
  • Reduce stress and improve mental health
  • Improve sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Builds strong internal networks

Family care leave support

Creating an inclusive workplace also means supporting the needs of working parents. Our family care leave packages have been designed to enable smooth transitions and offer dedicated support to your employees during maternity, paternity, adoption and care leave.

Parenthood and caring for others can present challenges for both employers and employees. With new parents and carers feeling torn between career and family needs, businesses can struggle to retain their most experienced staff and in particular can lose valuable female team members.

Creating an inclusive workplace also means supporting the needs of working parents and carers. Our training programmes include online resources, e-books, videos and coaching that are all designed to keep staff engaged, motivated and feeling valued during maternity, paternity, adoption and care leave.

Equipping Line Managers

To provide the best level of support for employees, it is vital to equip line managers with the skills to maintain inclusive, productive networks.

We explore topics like implicit bias training and mental health, among others, to ensure that line managers feel confident and prepared for conversations around diversity, inclusion and mental health.


1:1 Support

“We asked Nishi to deliver an event during Carers Week 2021 on the theme ‘Help Make Caring Visible and Valued’. I can’t speak highly enough of her impressive knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Her practical advice was perfectly pitched and provided invaluable guidance to our carers on help and support available to them, and also for their managers on how they can best support colleagues who are carers. The feedback from the event was extremely positive and I would strongly recommend Nishi as a speaker when considering your next event.”
Martin Robinson

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Office of Rail and Road