Creating and Maintaining a Healthy, Productive Workplace For All

Supportive Culture

Diversity and inclusion are closely linked to wellbeing, and by focusing on all three you can create a happier and healthier workplace.

Health and wellbeing is key to ensuring employees feel a sense of belonging at work. By creating inclusive workplaces, with health and wellbeing at the centre of employee support, businesses can genuinely flourish.

By prioritising wellbeing you’ll be helping your teams to feel valued, which in turn has a positive impact on creativity, productivity and collaboration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted staff wellbeing in different ways and put the spotlight firmly on the importance of mental health. Now is the time to help your teams develop practical wellbeing skills that they can apply at work and in their home lives too.

All the below training topics can be adapted to your organisations specific wellbeing, as well as diversity and inclusion needs

Personal & organisational wellbeing
Stress management
Building resilience
Emotional intelligence
COVID-19 return to work

What Our Clients Say

“The team at Derby Women’s Centre had the pleasure of receiving the Building Resilience Online Workshop by Nishi. Nishi’s approach and delivery was not only professional but encompassed the compassion and understanding needed for the type of work we carry out often in a stressful and emotional environment.

Her ability to recognise signs within staff and adjust accordingly was impeccable. We are very grateful to Nishi for being so diligent and approachable in her delivery. On behalf of the team at Derby Women’s Centre we would like to thank you.”

Norean Y., Service Development Manager
Derby Womens Centre

“We engaged with Nishi to find ways to support our staff at HMS Network, as we recognised the impact of COVID-19 on their wellbeing. As we were at the beginning of our journey with wellbeing in the workplace, we needed Nishi to help us identify the best ways to offer this support. Nishi has impressed us with her knowledge and ability to tailor the training sessions to suit our employees who are based around Europe and the Middle East. The team found her to be very open and able to offer shared experiences that helped to build an environment of trust and connection. Nishi is a motivational wellbeing coach, with the ability to inspire others and we look forward to working with her again.”
Reetu Dougall,

Market Unit North Marketing Manager, HMS Network