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Work with us to address
the gender gap and
help eliminate the barriers
that hold women back
from progressing in
their careers.
CMTalent are here to help you eliminate the barriers that hold women back from progressing in their careers, equip you to attract, retain and develop the best talent and reap the business benefits from improved gender diversity – whether you are a large business or small enterprise. Having diverse teams is a baseline feature of leading organisations.

Gender diversity = competitive advantage
Companies with a reasonable gender balance are more likely to outperform those that don’t… (McKinsey research)

Closing the gender pay gap will add £150bn to the UK economy by 2025. Reducing the pay gap involves creating more diverse organisations where there is a reasonable and equitable balance of women in senior leadership roles as well as every business function.

We can help you create an organisation-wide plan to close your gender gap as well as cost-effective operational initiatives to put into action.

We work with large, national organisations as well as SME’s in the Coventry & Warwickshire and West Midlands region.

We become your talent partner, getting to know you and your business and your business goals as well as the specific requirements for the contracted work.

It’s important to us that we establish a good working relationship so that we can deliver our best service based on our expertise. Our focus is on delivering workable and cost-effective workforce solutions for your business.

Our mission is to contribute to the removal of the gender barriers to business and career success. We can do this through influencing one person, one team or one organisation.

Organisations that are not taking specific action to close the gender gap will struggle to survive. We are happy to work with organisations on their journey to closing their gender gap whether you are at the beginning of your journey or already along the way.

The way we work will be dependent on your requirements, and typically involves using our coaching, training, facilitating, consulting, mentoring, partnering, speaking and project management skills gained from our investment in continuing professional development and our organisational experience.

We use our experience and research to bring you leading-edge thinking through cost-effective practical and workable solutions.

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